Juneteenth in Pennsylvania Conclusion

CWP’s 8th, 22nd, 41st, 43rd, 45th, and 127th, paraded out of CWP gates down Broad Street in route to Virginia; whereas they battled and defeated General Lee’s confederate soldiers in the Siege of Petersburg. The 6CWP regiments were re-organized thus becoming the 25th Corps. The 25th Corps paraded in downtown Richmond, the Confederate capital, and then onto Appomattox Virginia whereas they defeated the Confederate Army in battle, leading to General Robert E. Lee Surrender.  The 25th corps was mustered to Texas; whereas they paraded from plantation to plantation freeing the enslaved Africans and Jamaicans. The 25th Corps paraded to Galveston Texas to protect General Gordon Granger as he read General Order No. 3 to enslaved Africans who were yet to receive the information they were free. General Granger’s resounding words,” Africans you are forevermore free”, led to a spontaneous celebration in the streets of Galveston Texas; thus enforcing Pres.

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Those who assembled in celebration agreed to call this historic moment June-teenth. Why? The Jubilation occurred in the month of June, in the teenth, on June 19th. PA’s Camp William Penn USCT’s, many from the Philadelphia’s 7th Ward fulfilled their Jubilee mission on June 19th 1865. CWP USCT’s stopped Europeans enslavement of Africans. They reunited African and Caribbean families; they returned tribesmen, women and children to thy family & tribe free. Because of CWP’s USCT 6-19-1865 historic feat, on June 19th 2019, in 1619 400th commemorative year; Governor Tom Wolf signed St. Rep Sue Helm, and Ron Brown shepherd HB619 legislation into law designating Juneteenth National Freedom Day a state legal holiday in Pennsylvania.

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