Opal Lee 7th Ward Legacy Walk

Please join us on April 24th for the Opal Lee 7th Ward Legacy Walk….POSTPONED

Sign the petition www.opalwalk2dc to support the Opal Walk

Breakfast/Press Conference

Morning Glory @ 10th& Fitzwater

7:30 am -8:45 am

Radio & T.V interview with Opal Lee & Friends

Breakfast/Press Conference

Video Recording and Photographing throughout the day

Opal Walk Program

Frank Palumbo Rec. Ctr. @ 10th/9th (Bainbridge/Fitzwater)

9-9:45 a.m.

MC Welcome

Opal Friends Brief Comments ( Rev Mark Tyler, Sharmain Matlock Turner, Councilwomen Helen Gym, Rev. Zemoria Brandon)

Opal Lee (Events Purpose)

Frances Harper Re-enactment

Octavius Catto Re-enactment

Tour Guide Instructors Reciting History of Area & Walk/Tour Instructions

Opal Walk kicks-off from ICY, William Still and Frances Harper Residences, the cornerstone of the 15th Amendment, the 19th Amendment, & Juneteenth

Opal Walk w/ Friends Kick-off-in Philadelphia’s Old 7th Ward @ 10 am

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